Carmen Financial Services CC offers a wide range of services with proffesional and qualified consultants in these fields.

Bonds & Guarantees

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Construction and Retention Guarantees
Bid Bonds
Custom Bonds
Utility Bonds
Other Performance Bonds
Fuel Guarantees
Machinery Breakdown

Business Commercial

The Commercial Insurance Team is headed by Elné Snyman who has been working in the insurance industry since 1986, and she and her team have a wealth of experience in managing and placing risk.
We insure a variety of businesses, ranging from small one-man businesses to large companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
Due to the diverse nature of our clients’ businesses we have formed strategic relationships with selected South African insurance companies who are able to offer our clients the best insurance solutions at competitive prices. We can provide cover against any loss caused by fire, storm, business interruption and accounts receivable to theft, money and glass.
From fidelity to liability and group personal accident, to goods in transit, business all risks, computers and motor vehicles. In a healthy economy, the role of commercial business, be it large manufacturing plants or small retail companies, should never be underestimated.
That is why we do all we can to give you the very best cover through our intermediaries. Through this concept you are assured of the best benefits at the lowest price. No more hassle with a multitude of insurance companies. Carmen Financial Services saves you the frustration and the money.

Accidental Damage
Accounts Receivable
Bed and Breakfasts
Body Corporates
Buildings combined
Business All Risks
Business Interruption
Consequential Loss
Deterioration of Stock



Electronic Equipment
Employer’s Liability
Goods in Transit
Group Personal Accident
Machinery Breakdown


Motor Traders
Office Contents
Public Liability
Security Companies
Service Stations
Shops & Offices
Stated benefits

Contractors / Plant All Risk

The Cover encompasses damage caused whilst the works are being undertaken, either due to fire, storm, flood, tempest, snow, hail and frost. The Cover is further extended to include Theft and Malicious Damage. The theft cover is for materials, fixtures and fittings – which must be included in the Contract Value. Theft Cover is always subject to forcible and violent entry to or from the premises.

Faulty workmanship, design and materials are not covered, however, if the Contractor is found to be negligent, resultant damage caused. Construction and erection works often call for the use of heavy, specialized machinery such as tunnel boring machines, earthmoving equipment, cranes, pumps, air compressors etc.

It is possible to cover such plant and equipment by way of an appropriate endorsement under CAR, EAR or EPIC policies. However, specific items of plant are usually only on one construction/erection site until the particular job for which they are designed for is completed. Obviously, such jobs do not last for the whole construction/erection period and the plant is moved on to the next site as soon as its job is finished.
Therefore, in most cases, cover granted by means of an endorsement to the policy would not be suitable as such policies are limited to loss or damage caused at one particular construction/erection site only. It is preferable to issue an annually renewable Contractors’ Plant and Equipment policy, because it caters for plant and equipment used at different locations.

Directors & Officers

D&O insurance policies offer liability cover for company managers to protect them from claims which may arise from the decisions and actions taken within the scope of their regular duties. D&O cover was first conceived in the late 19th century, and after a long period of obscurity has spread rapidly throughout the industrialized world since the 1980s.

Such policies cover the personal liability of company directors and officers as individuals but also there imbursement of the insured company in case it has paid the claim of a third party on behalf of its managers in order to protect them…

Listed stock companies can also obtain cover for claims against the company itself for a wrongful act in connection with the trading of its securities.

Quite simply: managers can make mistakes – and are often personally legally liable for them. They constantly walk a fine line, making tough and complex decisions with huge impacts on the basis of the sometimes limited information available, for example in merger and acquisition situations. More and more companies are operating in a multinational environment.
Their investors, trading partners or operations are located in jurisdictions all over the world. This means that directors and officers have to keep in mind not only their markets but also compliance regulations, different government bodies, auditors’ opinions and the latest best practices for corporate governance and risk management in numerous locations. This increased complexity in the operating environment puts managers in the firing line.

Personal Insurance

Our philosophy of accepting the right client has enabled us to achieve the levels of service and expertise of the highest standard. We principally work by word of mouth and do not advertise indiscriminately, unlike many of our competitors.

As a result we conduct business with very likeminded people, thereby reducing the risk of fraudulent claims, keeping clients premiums competitive and our service highly personal. Our dynamic team members are all dedicated and passionate about delivering a world class service to our very special clientele.


Home Contents
All risk items, e.g. laptops, cellular phones, jewellery, etc
Motor vehicles, car rental option; Roadside assist etc.
Personal Liability
Pleasure Craft
Personal Accident
Add-on benefits


Our Product Liability Insurance offers cover for damage or injury caused to another business or person by the failure of your product or the product you are selling. If you sell, supply or deliver goods even in the form of repair or service you will need product liability cover against claims of goods causing injury or damage.

Liability Insurance Cover also available for Products Guarantee and Recall.


General Public Liability
Products Liability / Products Guarantee / Products Recall
Employers Liability
Errors & Omissions
Excess of Loss Motor Liability

Marine & Cargo

Our Marine Cargo Policy extends to insure imports and exports of all kinds of products including cover for all transit legs internationally and locally.

It serves as a combination policy to include transit using all modes of transport from sea, air, road and rail for the client’s ‘one stop’ logistics insurance solution.

Good In Transit

This involves transportation of goods by road. The insured must have an insurable interest in the goods being insured, that is ownership of the goods.

Carrier takes out insurance on behalf of owner and agrees to pay the premium.

Commercial Hull

Specifically designed for the marine market, this policy caters for fishing vessels, diamond recovery vessels, charter vessels used on a commercial basis.

Optional cover such as Protection and Indemnity, Collision Liability and War is available.

Marine Liabilities

Ship Repairers Liability
Containers Liability
Marina Operators Liability
Stevedores Liability
Charterer’s Liability
Freight Forwarder’s Liability

Professional Indemnity

All professionals can be sued for actual or alleged breach of professional duty or negligence arising out of, or by virtue of, the special skills, knowledge and expertise that characterise their chosen Profession. The damages for which they can be sued are potentially very severe and the Legal expenses to defend any action are potentially crippling. The world in which professionals operate is one of ever increasing pressure, with demands for quick answers and cost effective solutions.

This pressure can lead to errors and omissions by the professional which can and does give rise to claims. This factor together with the litigious nature of our society underscores the need for Professional Indemnity insurance, both for clients and professionals.

Circumstances which give rise to professional liability claims are seldom clear cut – they often give rise to disputes as to the nature and extent of the responsibility.
In cases where the professional is blameless he or she may nevertheless be drawn into lengthy disputes which can be both financially and emotionally draining. Professional Indemnity insurance provides the professional and the client with peace of mind.


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