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We specialize in efficiency and performance optimizations across the company, with strong credentials in organizational optimization, cost optimization, business process/procedures, digital/web and social as well as customer/service success.

Transformational Business Performance Optimization


So often, we talk to CEO’s and business owners, or entire boards and hear the same thing…​ “we have a great company, but performance is down, market is down, demand is down, skills shortage, competition pressure….” ​

What if we told you that all of it is “innate” ​


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Why, core to the very nature of the argument is the fact that “we have a great company” focuses the efforts for success and performance optimization in the wrong area.

All our success is originating from


  • What – Asking the difficult questions & Focusing on both systemic and acute challenges at CEO-level. 
  • How – formulating achievable steps to optimize performance at Director/VP level​. 
  • While – being “in the business” to deliver on those at Management/staff level.
  • which is the only way we can produce KPI’s which are the basis of our Fees.

Headcount Optimization & Organizational Restructuring


One of the most often heard challenges we help CEO’s and owners with is how to downsize, right-size or up-scale their organization’s structure, headcount and skills-set.​



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​Too often companies are to heavy or occasionally not able to cope with growth, but in all cases every single company is struggling to be agile and flexible enough in the way it has distributed its headcount across the company.

Mainly because of FIVE key “traps” 


  • A lack of insight in workload shifts, trends, peaks and lulls


  • A projectionist approach to HC and FTE’s per department/division Bench-warming
  • A lack of system automation, Digital solutions to cut manual tasks & liberate skills elsewhere 
  • A lack of performance optimization processes to increase productivity
  • An “old” mentality to employee loyalty and job-security

Cross Company Cost-Optimization


When challenging situations take hold and there is a critical need to optimize costs, the single biggest mistake most companies make is to save costs in the wrong areas.​

​We understand critical frugality and have delivered double digit growth in challenging times with skeleton budgets in large corporates….


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Ask us…How?​

​We specialize in uncovering cost optimizations in almost every company, and we always focus on investing the cost savings in areas to grow performance and optimize efficiency… cross-company. ​

The only right way to “save costs” is to grow performance, optimize efficiency with the single objective to beat the competition and capture market share, thereby increasing revenue and profit…

Digital Performance Reviews


When was the last time you had a long look at your website? Better yet, when was the last time you tested yourself how a customer experiences your website, your brand, your online presence, your reputation?​

100% of all business owners and CEO’s we engage with admits to focusing on other matters, leaving marketing to “marketing”….

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Every company not making an impact online, in social is losing customers, losing revenue, losing competitivity and missing insights in their very own business​​

Let us have a conversation and talk more about how we can ensure your have your finger on the pulse of your company’s online and social media presence & performance without being an expert.​

Company-Wide Efficiency Optimization


Let’s ask a simple question:​

How efficient is your company? How are you measuring this? Are you aiming for a benchmark or are you continually looking internally to be better than you are today?​

​What if we told you that over 80% of the time we have a major issue in receiving a straightforward number, or metric.

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What if we told you that in all cases, whatever number or metric is provided is mostly a financial in nature only… because that’s what you have as a target.​

What if we told you that efficiency is not a product of a financial model only, but a company wide eco-system that ranges from company culture and staff moral to sanitizing customer capture costs to reducing process and procedural frictions..​

Talk to us and have an informal discussions on how we can engage with you

Executive Coaching


If there ever was an understatement it is:​ “It is lonely at the top”​

​We specialize on providing a behind the scenes, low key but high impact approach to ensure our clients have a dedicated sounding board. A sparring partner to bounce ideas of, and to test observations and approaches on.


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Someone who takes the time and effort to critically understand the business day to day, but who is unknown to the organization staff members, who remains in the background but is able to capture information normally not available/communicated because of “hierarchy, politics or fear of repercussions”​​

We operate under the strictest confidentiality and anonymity. Contact us for an informal first discussion on how we can be of value to you.​

Interim Executive Positions


In rare cases we will agree to hold temporary short-term positions to fill critical time-frames or implement/execute on particular assignments. ​

​We always focus on ensuring a transition process is in place and often become active part of finding the suitable candidate for the position.

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From interim Executive management roles to organizational change (right sizing) to operational optimization and change management focused assignments to coaching management teams during critical times, we can assist.​

Let us have a introduction to your company and current situation to evaluate how we might be of services in this regard to your business.

Dedicated Specialist Consultant Assignments


Sometimes, the most flexible and agile solution is to outsource expertise. While we highly recommend investing in people, the realities of today are that some expertise is required now, but likely not later… or just for a particular project. ​

We provide flexible and bespoke solutions to demanding clients, who require a partner that can provide consultancy-level expertise and hands on experience, to make things happen.

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With proven and highly successful engagement-models to facilitate these solutions for each client, we are confident we can deliver on this mandate in most contexts, and within fairly short timeframes.​

Contact us to learn more and have a first informal talk about what expertise your are looking for.





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