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Protecting your family and assets


This could be one of the most important things an individual or family needs, peace of mind that their loved ones and personal assets are covered.

individual Cover

How Can We Protect You And Your Family

Knowing that your house, car or your personal items that you’ve worked so hard for and that mean so much to you are covered is the peace of mind that everyone deserves.

Chat to one of our specialists today to see how we can get you covered, and maybe even save you money.

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The Individual Cover We Offer

Vehicle Insurance

You can choose to insure your vehicle for its retail value rather than its market value – giving you a better chance of replacing your vehicle with a similar one in the event of a theft or writeoff.

We’ll pay reasonable towing costs to tow your vehicle to the nearest repairer by including roadside assist.

Household Contents

Your contents insurance package will cover damage to your household contents caused by theft, acts of nature (such as lightning, storm, flood or snow) as well as damage caused by fire, and subsidence.

It also takes care of personal liability which covers you if your domestic worker gets injured while on duty or where you may be held responsible for causing death or injury to someone else or damage to their property.


Building Insurance

Your house or building will be insured for loss or damage caused by acts of nature, fire, explosion and subsidence.
Our buildings insurance package even covers damage caused by burst water-heating systems and water pipes.

We’ll cover the cost of calling out the fire brigade and arrange temporary accommodation after an incident that has left your house uninhabitable.


Marine insurance will provide the following types of cover:
Motorboat insurance, Ski boat insurance, Yacht insurance,Jet Ski insurance.
This cover, covers you in the event of: An accident, a fire or explosion, a lightning strike and resultant damage, theft and attempted theft, or malicious damage to your boat or equipment.

This covers you for the following:
The hull, fittings, machinery, engines and equipment normally sold as one unit, loss or damage of outboard motors provided they were securely attached to the boat.
Optional cover:
Specified risk items insurance for your GPS or fish finder equipment.

All Risk

Covers your personal possessions which are removed and used outside the home; typically this includes clothing, jewellery, cellphones, sports and photographic equipment.

So, whether it’s the things you wear and carry with you to work every day or when your luggage is packed for your holiday… we have you covered.
• You’ll also receive insurance cover for accidental loss or damage.
• We cover your personal possessions worldwide!


Accidental Damage
With household insurance you have the choice of a number of additional optional covers, one being Accidental Damage Extension.
You have to specify the amount of accidental damage cover you require.
Do you have small children and expensive gadgets or family heirlooms in the form of breakable objects in your home? You may want to consider accidental damage cover; your basic household content cover
is not going to help you in this case.
Pool pumps and electronic gate motors can also be included under accidental damage cover.

Life Insurance

Do You Have Life Insurance? Is Your Family Protected?

You will enjoy a level or increasing sum assured product, therefore the covered amount will not decrease over the term of the policy.

The policy holder’s beneficiaries or cedent will receive the value of the life insurance policy in the event of this most unfortunate event taking place.

There are various options to choose from. It can be taken for a specific number of years or for your whole life. Dreaded disease and disability cover can also be included.

You can choose from our wide range of assurance companies such as Sanlam, Old Mutual, Discovery, Liberty, Altrisk or FMI. We will arrange all the neccessary quotes and let you decide which option suits you best.

Not sure how much cover you require? Thats ok because 1 of our trained and experienced consultants will gladly assist you with the neccessary financial planning. This will eliminate any mistakes of guessing the amount of cover you need versus accurately calculating this.

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